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New releases and other posts. McKenna is not active on social media, so all updates go through here.

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Who says Christmas is only for December? With a collection of heartwarming Christmas stories, you can enjoy the festive spirit all year round. Dive into tales of sleigh bells and snowmen while basking in the warm summer sun! They bring joy, hope, and the enchanting spirit of the holidays into your life, making every season feel like Christmas morning.

Christmas in the Rockies is $0.99 Jun 21 - Jun 28, 2024.

Christmas in the Rockies-sweet holiday romance by McKenna Grey

Christmas in the Rockies

Three heartwarming stories. One romantic Christmas escape.

"McKensie’s Christmas Gift"

When McKensie Scott returns to Wycliffe, Wyoming, she’s uncertain of her future . . . and the man she left behind two summers before. With the help of an unexpected ally, McKensie will discover that sometimes leaving the people you love is the only way to find your path home.

"A Snowy Falls Christmas"

After five years of searching for answers at her family’s home in Scotland, Maura Coburn returns to Snowy Falls, Colorado, the place she's always called home. When Wyatt Dobbes sweeps into town to take over his family's horse farm, Maura realizes five years might not have been long enough. When unexpected circumstances bring them together, Wyatt and Maura will soon discover the powerful magic of Christmas, love, and second chances.

"Christmas in Moose Creek"

Saige Travers said goodbye to Owen McGregor sixteen years ago. A spontaneous choice brings Saige home to Moose Creek, Montana, and she doesn’t expect her past to catch up with her present. When Owen walks back into her life, she struggles to remember why she left. Together they discover second chances are real and hope is a cherished gift.

Can six willing hearts find a second chance at love? Join us this holiday season and fall in love like it was the first time.

Content Warning: These stories feature characters who enjoy baking up delectable desserts and tempting confections filled with Christmas cheer. Enjoy!


Special discount pricing may not be available in all regions/countries. Please confirm pricing in your region/country before purchasing at the expected discounted price.

Meet the Kyndall’s: Alexa, Jordan, Donovan, and Owen. Four siblings connected by the unbreakable bonds of love, loyalty, and family—who will stand together, no matter the costs.

Set against some of America’s most beautiful landscapes, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the Highlands of Maine to the sweeping peaks of Alaska, escape into suspense, adventure, and romance with the Kyndall Family.

The Dragon's Staircase is FREE March 17 - March 20, 2023.

The Dragon's Staircase_a romantic suspense thriller novel

As a bonus, Shadow of the Forgotten and The Wicked Cries Wolf are only $0.99 from March 21 - March 27, 2023.

Each book is a stand-alone novel in the series.

The Dragon's Staircase

A woman haunted by her past. A man willing to do whatever it takes to save her. A killer closing in.

FBI Agent Alexa Kyndall devoted eight years of her life to the search for justice, showing no mercy to the guilty and depraved. When she joins a special task force to bring down a serial killer, Alexa encounters the most unexpected criminal of her career.

When a child witnesses a brutal slaying, Alexa's life becomes intertwined with Craig Pierson's, a man with his own haunted past. They join forces, only to discover they must put everything on the line in a pulse-pounding struggle to protect and survive.

Nestled in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, The Dragon's Staircase is an intriguing, nonstop adventure that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.


"The well-defined characters combined with the suspenseful storyline make this a must read, and one that I will be recommending to all of my bookworm friends. I’m amazed at how smooth these two authors have combined their talents into one fabulous story." – Linda Thompson, Host of

Shadow of the Forgotten

A woman preyed upon by corruption. A man who won’t abandon her. An obsession that could destroy them both.

Heather York’s investigative career with the U.S. Marshals Service is neither glamorous nor dangerous, but when she’s thrust to the precipice of an unexpected threat, she has no choice but to wonder if she was meant to be collateral damage or the intended victim.

At a luxury lakeside lodge in Maine, Jordan Kyndall’s plans to celebrate the wedding of his college roommate go awry before the happy couple has a chance to say “I do.” Jordan anticipated a good time with old friends. Instead, he stumbles upon a gruesome scene in the picturesque woods of the woman whose lifeless body unexpectedly stirs his protective nature.

As the threat against them grows and the questions multiply, they’ll have to trust each other—and their feelings—if they’re going to survive.


“That’s the way to do it - keep the reader hooked and reading and thinking they have it all figured out ... only to discover that they don’t. A nice bit of romance, a good deal of “whodunit” tension, and a satisfying conclusion make Shadow of the Forgotten a great read on a weekend away. Enjoy!” — Readers' Favorite

The Wicked Cries Wolf

In the shadow of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, a darkness lurks and threatens a quiet coastal village in The Wicked Cries Wolf, the third book in the Kyndall Family Thriller series.

A woman desperate for solitude. A man with an enemy he can’t see. A dangerous game neither wants to play.

International bestselling author Meaghan Ryers has gained wealth, success, and fame . . . and all she wants is to be left alone. When her sister suggests she escape to someplace quiet where no one will find her, Meaghan picks a spot on the map and heads for Alaska.

Sheriff Donovan Kyndall of Stewart’s Crossing, Alaska, arrives at the scene of a car fire after receiving a mysterious call. He doesn’t expect a woman from out of town to be at the scene, begging him to believe someone was killed. As clues into the fire emerge, Donovan has to ask himself how she’s connected and how a caller knows details from his own tragic past.

As the truth is revealed, Donovan and Meaghan are entangled in a puzzle of lies, treachery, and clues they must decode if they are to outlast their enemy.


"The author starts the story with a bang, literally, as Meaghan, our lead witnesses an accident. Or was it murder? The author paces the tale beautifully as Meaghan and Donovan try to figure who is targeting them. On a side note, I loved the beautiful naturistic landscape of Alaska where the story takes place. Also Skye is just adorable!" —Rajiv's Reviews on The Wicked Cries Wolf


Special discount pricing may not be available in all regions/countries. Please confirm pricing in your region/country before purchasing at the expected discounted price.

Dearest Reader,

IN HONOR OF Valentine's Day, I'm sharing expressions of love from my characters, or should I say, their love for each other. These feel-good romances are set during Christmas, but they are meant to be enjoyed anytime of year, and what better time than Valentine's Day. It is certainly a good time to cozy up under a blanket and warm heart and soul with a few heartwarming tales of love and second chances. I hope you enjoy them.

All of the stories are included in Christmas in the Rockies.

Christmas in the Rockies by McKenna Grey - sweet, contemporary romance

Saige & Owen in

"Christmas in Moose Creek"

At some point during dessert, the twins fell asleep on the sofa. Owen expertly lifted one into each arm and carried them outside. Saige walked out with them and opened the passenger door to his truck.

“They had fun.”

He started the engine to heat the inside, covered the girls with a blanket, and closed the door. “You sound surprised.”

“No, it’s just, they remind me of me . . . before.”

Owen held her face in his hands. “Before doesn’t matter.”

Saige’s eyes welled without warning. “It does matter. I see how much I missed, what I could have had, if I had just—”

Owen silenced her with a kiss. It was perfect, and so much more intense than she expected. The years melted away as his lips moved in breathless strokes over hers, and yet this Owen, this time, was different—better.

When he eased away, she felt an immense need to pull him back.

“Don’t worry about the yesterdays, Saige. There are too many good tomorrows ahead.” He brushed his lips over hers once more, got in his truck, and drove down the road.


McKensie & Cameron in

"McKensie's Christmas Gift"

“Still your favorite room in the place?”

Her heart ticked up a few notches at the sound of his voice. McKensie turned and faced the doorway. “I have a lot of good memories from this room.” She blushed, realizing that some of those memories included him. By the grin Cameron now wore, she knew he remembered, too.

“There’s one in particular that comes to mind.”

Many memories came to mind, and she wondered which one lent the sparkle to Cameron’s eyes. He said, “It involved mistletoe and a plate of frosted shortbread cookies.”

“The carolers were in the foyer and Aunt Olivia had set up a table of refreshments. You sneaked the cookies when she walked out of the room.” McKensie laughed and it felt good. “That was the last Christmas I spent here with my whole family. We were so young.”

Cameron nodded and walked a few feet into the room. “It was the first time I wanted to kiss you. I saw the mistletoe and just knew your dad would skin me from here to the Tetons if I tried.”

“I wish you had.”


Maura and Wyatt in

"A Snowy Falls Christmas"

Duncan draped his arm over the back of the bench and turned toward Wyatt. “I figured you ought to know that she’s come home.”

Wyatt let the softly spoken words penetrate. He didn’t have to ask the name of “she,”’ for Duncan’s expression revealed enough. He cleared his throat, the need to leave overwhelming. “I thought she moved to Scotland.”

“Well, she did until she didn’t. She’s only just returned.”

“To stay?”

“Seems that way. This is her home, lad, just as it is yours.”

Wyatt tried to block the image of Maura Coburn from filling his mind. He should know it was impossible, for no person had ever been as familiar to him as Maura. At inconvenient times during his travels, her image flitted into his thoughts, with the memories of her as real as when they first happened.

Their first walk. The first time he brushed a hand over her silky hair. The first time he made her smile. Their first kiss.

Wyatt looked away from those memories and back to Duncan. “Did she ever tell you why she left?”

“As far as I know, she’s never told anyone.” Duncan laid a fatherly hand on Wyatt’s shoulder. “She won’t know yet that you’re back, but someone will tell her before too long.”

“Will you?”

“If someone else doesn’t first.”

Wyatt smiled at Duncan. “You’ve always been good for her.”

“So, have you, lad.” Duncan rose from the bench. Wyatt reached out to help him when Duncan shook away the gesture. “I’m not so old yet, my boy.” He grinned. “To be helping myself or to be meddling.”

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


Christmas in the Rockies by McKenna Grey - sweet, contemporary romance


McKenna Grey, the contemporary alter-ego of award-winning author MK McClintock, writes romantic suspense and thrillers, including the Kyndall Family series, and heartwarming, small-town romance to break up the murder and mayhem. She enjoys a quiet life in the northern Rocky Mountains where she manages to stay out of the trouble her characters can't seem to avoid.

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